Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing are striking self-defense martial arts based on using footwork, fists and feet to avoid being attacked and adequately defend one’s self. Following a suitable course in Muay Thai training, youngsters will benefit enormously from the inevitable physical and mental improvements. Muay Thai boxing will improve a child’s self-confidence and self-awareness. As well as keep them quick and agile, healthy and strong.

Our Youth Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing Programs will equip your child with a host of positive mental and physical skills that will help him/her in school, at home and in life! As your child learns to succeed, you’ll see a new kind of confidence and discipline emerging…the kind that will positively affect all areas of his or her life. You’ll notice an increased respect for others, and most importantly, for him/herself. This kind of powerful mind/body connection will make them unstoppable when faced with difficulties. Our program is for ages 6 & up, bring your child in for a free class to see how we can benefit your family today.

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The Benefits of Youth Martial Arts Training

Bully Prevention:

Bully Prevention begins with confidence and self-respect. A bully usually wants an easy target and if your child has confidence she/he will be less likely to get picked on. Your child will have the confidence to look a bully in the eyes and tell them not to bother them again. Nine out of ten times the bully gets scared and backs down. In case of bully attacks, your child will have the tools needed to defend him/herself and call for an authority figure. Most confrontations can be talked through. However, words occasionally aren’t enough. For either situation, your child will be prepared.


Children develop enhanced self-esteem as an outcome of consistent training in Martial Arts. The success that children experience as part of their training builds a self-respect that translates into self-esteem. They learn to trust, respect, and like themselves for who they are. The self-esteem they develop is strong and durable because it is based on skill-building and achievement. Enhanced self-esteem will positively impact the way they relate to others, authority, and themselves. This will ultimately help your child succeed in all areas of life including school, home and as a professional adult.

Goal Achievement:

It’s important that youth learn from an early age that accomplishments are earned through hard work. Our youth martial arts program is based on a belt and stripe rank. Students earn their way up in belts based on attendance, attitude, and skill level. They will learn that they won’t earn the belt or stripe if the criteria aren’t met. This is a great way to make them set and work for their goals.

Clearer Focus:

Hundreds of children are diagnosed with ADD and are usually prescribed drugs to “solve” this so-called disorder. Using structured programming and regular physical activity, we help develop your child’s focus little by little until they are able to participate in entire classes without being distracted.


Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing contain a progressive series of movements that improve the coordination of participants. Training requires students to learn striking techniques and string them together in a fluid series of movement. This combination develops both specific and sequential improvement body coordination and awareness.

Physical Fitness:

Limiting screen time is a great idea when it comes to getting kids off the couch and encouraging them to be more active, but it only goes so far. Enrolling your child in a physically demanding pastime not only discourages a sedentary lifestyle but also gives them an enjoyable activity that inspires them to do better in life.