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Roland BeforeRoland After


“Joining Pinnacle Training Center was one of the best decisions I have ever made!” That’s what I told Justin when discussing how much weight I’ve lost in a year. With the help of Justin, Elton, and all the team members here at Pinnacle Training Center, I have truly changed on a physical as well as a mental level. Confidence, courage, health, and perseverance are just a few of the many benefits I’ve gained since becoming a member of the best martial arts gym in the Austin area.” -Roland 11/27/2012

Sandra Todd


“I was not happy with my current workout routine (which mainly consisted of running and workout videos). Not only was it getting boring, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I had heard a lot of buzz about Boot Camps and Cross Fit Training. I did some research and found Pinnacle Training Center. They offer a workout routine that changes daily to keep me interested and motivated. The instructors not only help you with exercise, they help you with proper nutrition. After 9 months I have lost 20 lbs and still losing. At 45 years old I am more fit and toned then I have ever been in my life.” -Sandra Todd 11/11/2013


“Being morbidly obese my entire life and about to enter my 30s I decided that I would use kickboxing to lose the weight. With a better diet and kickboxing I was able to lose 50% of my body weight. I decided I wanted to learn actual technique and I was lucky enough that Justin Brooks and the staff at Pinnacle Training Center were there to help. Since I joined the gym, I’ve learned a ton of technique and with a continued healthier lifestyle I’ve not only maintained my weight loss but managed to lose another 30 lbs between Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.” -Luis Pena



“I found Justin and his boot camp/fitness program over a year ago and was so thankful! After being in a rut at the gym and then trying out several personal trainers, Justin’s program turned out to be the perfect fit for me and got me excited about fitness again. We have never done the same workout twice and all his trainers bring their own style of positive energy and skills to the group classes. I feel lucky to get to work out with such a great bunch of people; I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” Patsy


Stephanie- “In 2011, my daughter and I came into what was Austin Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu not knowing what we were looking for. Just that we did not want ordinary. We had tried ordinary gyms and nothing seem to fit what we were looking for. The minute we walked in, we were welcomed by the owner, Justin Brooks and he helped us find classes that worked best for our lifestyle, fitness level, and goals. Immediately, this place became our home away from home. The coaches all have extensive training in their specialty and provide opportunities to train in groups and individually. Although, there have been some name changes, and integration of other fitness groups, the management has stayed the same and always maintained a “family” feel to the facility. Pinnacle Training Center truly encompasses all that is available for a fitness program that fits any lifestyle. From HIT classes with friends to children’s programs to mixed martial art training, there is always an opportunity to become your personal best here.” Staphanie Kimey 1/23/2014


Vanessa- “I joined Pinnacle Training Center in February, about 9 months ago. It has been the best boot camp experience I have had so far. I enjoy the highly motivating trainers, the small classes that keep you accountable, and the variety of different classes that keep you interested. This gym is like a family and I look forward to all my classes and accomplishing milestones I never thought I could do. I would recommend this gym to all ages and fitness levels.” – Vanessa Grabbee 11/08/2013