Our Performance Fitness program is powered by quality programming and coaching. We have been helping to keep Cedar Park and Austin fit since 2010. Whether you are in the best shape of your life, or starting the process of getting there, our training can be scaled to help you progress to the next level.

We’ve taken a functional approach to building a traditional Strength & Conditioning program built for the world your body lives in everyday. Our fitness programming includes mobility, strength, metabolic conditioning(Cardio) and a fun kickboxing workout on Friday mornings. We incorporate resistance training, agility training and metabolic conditioning to increase speed, stamina, coordination, balance and strength. In our warm ups we utilize dynamic movements and stretches to prepare the body and mind to do work.

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Coach Pete

Coach Pete began paying Rugby as a teen and continued playing club through college at Texas State and now for the Austin Blacks. After studying Exercise Science he completed an internship in Applied Functional Science with world renowned physical therapists, Gary Gray and Dr. Dave Tiberio. Coach Pete also holds the Level 1 RKC (Russian Kettlebell Club) Instructor certification.

Coach Ben

A former Decathlete and Captain of the track team at Texas State Ben brings a wealth of training knowledge and experience to our strength & conditioning program. Coach Ben holds a plethora of programming and training certificates ranging from his personal trainer’s certificate to a Level 1 & 2 RKC (Russian Kettlebell Club) Instructor certifications, DVRT sandbags and more.