Welcome to Pinnacle Training Center located in Cedar Park, we are easily accessible from the Leander, Round Rock & North Austin areas. We offer Muay Thai & Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Fitness training all for adults, teens & children ages 6 & up. We’re a hardcore gym that contains the essentials to get you into the best shape of your life. When you come into the gym you can expect the busy sounds of fists against heavy bags, clacking weights, and happily exhausted sighs reverberate off the gym’s high ceilings as we put in hard work to better ourselves each and every day.

Our programs accommodate everyone from the couch potato to the young athlete, working professional and the stay at home moms in a fun, safe, friendly environment. We are comprised of Men, Women and children from students to business professionals. If you are looking for conditioning, weight loss and/or competition with a great community you’ve come to the right place. The diversity here is what brings balance to our facility. We have people from different professions, age groups, and genders all working together to be better.

The programs and community here help implement positive lifestyle changes while training, making friends and reaching goals in life faster than ever. In our adult and children’s programs we build self confidence, discipline and focus while working on building muscle memory through practice and repetition to round out the full range of skills. There is a class schedule on every page, checkout our site and then sign up for a free class, if you have any questions give us a call. We look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!

We were voted #1 Martial Arts School in Austin Fit Magazines annual ‘Best of Poll’ two years straight and finished in the top four for best bootcamp.

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