Six Week Fitness Challenge

Fitness ChallangeIt’s time to buckle down and accomplish more goals. We will be holding a six week contest from June 12-July 26. Anyone that is a Pinnacle Training Center member is able to compete in this.

The only cost to participate is the cost of the hydro-static body composition testing. Body Analytics provides body composition testing using the most accurate method available, hydro-static testing(underwater). All participants will “weigh in” on June 12 at the gym (4-7 pm) and then again on July 26. If you are unable to make it on June 12 during the currently scheduled time let us know and we will arrange for you to weigh in at another date/time, after the 12th. If you do not want to participate but you still want to know your exact body composition you may still come in on the 12th to have it done.

Contest Categories:
1) Highest percentage of body fat lost- Free month of gym fees & gym shirt
2) Highest percentage of lean muscled mass gained- Free gym shirt
3) Most overall weight lost- Free gym shirt

It’s that simple, work hard, eat clean and you could win. If you are interested or if you have any questions let us know.

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