Kettle Bell Training Workshop

Functional Fitness Training & Athletic Performance

What: Hardstyle Kettlebell Practice Workshop

When: December 12, 2015 10AM- 1PM

Cost: $25 per participant

Instructor: Matt Gieringer, DPT, MS, CSCS

Skills Taught:

● Goblet Squat
● Swing
● Get Up
● Clean
● Press

Hardstyle Kettlebell Practice brings the following benefits:

● POWER: Brutal force-production without the risk of jarring plyometrics and jumping
● ENDURANCE: Prepares the Pugilist with an Unstoppable Engine
● BODY COMPOSITION: Melts fat off your frame for year-round fighting weight
● BACK HEALTH: Spares the spine and builds protective muscular support
● FLEXIBILITY: Promotes hip ranges of motion needed for effective martial arts practice
● SHOULDER HEALTH: learn to stabilize the shoulder for long-term striking efficiency

Attendees need to bring:

● water
● small towel
● clothing for good hip movement
● post-workshop recovery food
Instructor Bio:

Matt Gieringer,PT, DPT, CSCS a former division-1 NCAA track and field in college. Learned first-hand the impact of what skilled manual techniques coupled with individualized strength training can have on injuries and performance through battling his own overuse injuries. At the University of North Texas, Matt was a part of 3 Sunbelt conference championship teams (2000-2003) and won the individual championship in the 10,000m event in 2004 – after spending 6 months “aqua-jogging” in swimming pool coupled with strategic strength training.

Encouraged by the success he had during his collegiate track career, he was inspired to help athletes in other sports to improve their on-field sprinting ability. While earning a master’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology, he used his skills coaching athletes for speed, strength, and conditioning. Matt has been blessed to have opportunity to coach athletes at a wide variety of levels – from elementary school aged to collegiate and professional ranks, and including one Tour de France cyclist and professional Ironman competitor, UFC combat athletes, Texas Rangers, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball players, one Junior World Champion wake boarder, and a Washington Redskins linebacker.

During the three years that Matt worked towards earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree, he coordinated the speed and agility training component of the Round Rock Express Minor League Baseball Youth Baseball Camps and also helped to develop the grass-roots Express Development Program for rising athletes advancing towards the next level in their baseball careers.

Currently, Matt maintains a professional balance of evaluating and treating painful musculoskeletal disorders in his physical therapy practice, while also continuing coaching athletes towards higher levels of sport performance. The tool of choice for teaching principles of practical strength skill development is the kettlebell. Matt’s approach is heavily informed by the writings and methods of Pavel Tsatsouline, author and trainer of various countries’ military special forces groups and NGO’s. Pavel is known for popularizing the use of the kettlebell in the western hemisphere from it’s roots in Russia.

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