Fitness Nutrition Challenge, Pinnacle Training Center Cedar Park, Texas

Nutrition Challenge


Have the least amount of points at the end of the 8 week period. If you choose to keep a food log you will get 2 points back each week that you turn it in. Food logs must be turned in to a trainer at Saturday morning workouts or at one of Monday’s workouts, no late turn-ins. You may also earn points back for vegetables, see point chart below.

Buy in is $10, you must commit to make 3 workouts per week. For every workout under 3 during each one week period during the challenge participants must pay a $2 tax to the jackpot. *Morning workouts, be sure to use the sign in sheet and evening workouts be sure to check in at the front desk to get credit for workouts!

1st place gets 60% of jackpot
2nd place gets 40% of jackpot


Refrain from the items listed below. Each day total your points for that day using the below scoring system and calendar on the back of this sheet. There is one “cheat” day per week, any day you choose, you get 50% off of points accumulated that day.

Point System:

A- Fried Foods +2
B- Pizza +2
C- Fast Food +2
D- Soda/Sweet Tea +2
E- Desert +2
F- Beer/Margarita +2
G- Wine +2
H- Mixed Drink +1 (Add soda points if mixed with soda)
I- Anything sugar that’s not maple, coconut, or honey +5 (including cheat-days)
J- A serving of vegetables with a meal or as a snack subtracts ¼ point

If you wish to participate in this see the front desk this week! Here is a printable PDF file of this contest.

Nutritional Guidance
Nutritional Guidance

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