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Schedule Your Assessment Today!

Quality Personal Fitness Trainers in Cedar Park & Leander

We specialize in personal training, functional daily living, balance, strength, flexibility and core conditioning, as well as cardiovascular exercise, posture, weight loss, sports specific rehabilitation. The Pinnacle Training Center Fitness Trainers are ready when you are, we are Amped to Get You Fit!!

Let a dedicated, highly knowledgeable, highly experienced and high-energy Certified Personal Trainer maximize your results. From basic Toning to Weight Loss Training, Cross Training and Advanced Sports Performance Training – we have what you need.

High Quality Trainers = High Quality Results!


Personal CoachingWhat Is A Fitness Trainer?

An exercise professional who is trained and certified to provide safe and effective exercise programs aimed at weight loss, improving strength and flexibility, toning, cardiovascular conditioning, sport or event preparation and any other fitness goal.

The next part is where our trainers differ from the rest, our trainer’s are more than just your fitness trainer. They are supporters, leaders, mentors, life coaches and more. You’re not just hiring someone to run you through a workout. You’re hiring someone to help you improve all aspects of your life, only starting with fitness training.

Personal Training

We offer competitive hourly rates:

  • First appointment- FREE
  • One session- $75 per session
  • Five session Package- $70 per session
  • Ten Session Package- $55 per session

Schedule your free consultation here, we will contact you shortly.

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