Do you know the difference in Abs and Core?

In recent times we’ve heard the subject and question of what is the difference in abs and core arise a few times.  This is a great question and a commonly confused subject, but it is pretty simple.

When we are doing abs (abdominal training) we are executing specific exercises to tone and strengthen the 4 main abdominal muscles. For an example doing a crunch or sit-up.  Working the rectus abdominis (front area), external and internal obliques (waist-line areas) and the transverse abdominis (lower area).

Core training is when not only the ab muscles listed above are targeted but also the erector spinae (lower back muscles), pelvis (hip area), glutues (butt area) at the same time. The goal is to develop better balance and power when executing any exercise/movement using the arms and/or legs. A popular exercise to build a stronger core is planking and effectively contracting all these muscles at the same time.  Now you know why you may often find yourselves in the plank position during workouts, it’s really good for you.



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