Pinnacle at the 2016 Austin Regional Golden Gloves

Golden Gloves Winners

This was an another exciting year for the Pinnacle Boxing Team. At the 2016 Austin and Houston Junior Golden Gloves we had two champions emerge from the chaos. Sean Brewer won his division at the Austin Golden Gloves, and Lewis Armstrong won his division at the Houston Junior Golden Gloves. Congratulations to both Sean and Lewis for your performances. We want to give thanks the entire team for helping get these fighters ready. We also want to give thanks to their families for lending their support and representing Pinnacle Training Center. Again, the team at Pinnacle Training Center show why Pinnacle is still one of THE best places to go for competitive boxing in Austin, TX.


Congratulations to Coach Ricco for doing a great job getting our boxers ready for the competition.

Congratulations to Pinnacle fighter Sean Brewer!

sean brewer at golden gloves
Sean Brewer(left) Coach Ricco(right)


Congratulations to Pinnacle fighter Lewis Armstrong!

lewis armstrong junior golden gloves
Coach Ricco(left) Lewis Armstrong(right)

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